Cornerstone Church at Bay Ridge
Acts 1:6-11

In the second sermon from our series in Acts, Pastor Nathan Tubbs examines Jesus' final words to the disciples and helps us understand the mission He has given us.  

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In this week's sermon, Pastor Nathan examines Acts 1:1-5 and offers an overview of the book of Acts. 

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In this final sermon from 2014, Pastor Nathan Tubbs helps us look at the year ahead and how Luke 2:52 can help us set goals to grow in wisdom, health, and fellowship with God.  For more information visit

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In this sermon from December 21st, Pastor Nathan Tubbs examines Luke's account of Jesus's birth and explains what the birth of Christ teaches us about God.

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In this sermon Pastor Nathan Tubbs examines Jesus' words in Luke 11:1-4 commonly known as the "Lord's prayer" and explains how it can be a helpful model as we approach the throne of grace with confidence.  

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