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This week at Cornerstone Church, Pastor Nathan Tubbs reflects on our Men's Retreat.  We examine all of the book of Titus, and consider 2 big questions as we look ahead at 2020:  If I were to leave Brooklyn today, who would be left behind to reproduce the life of Jesus in others? How does what I know about the Scriptures affect how I react and respond to life's situations?

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In this sermon, our summer intern Chandler Donegan shares with us from Roman 8, and shows us how God works in our lives through the distinct persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  For more information visit

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On the Sunday after our 2017 Summer Celebration, we hear from Kaleb Wimberley, Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Enterprise, Alabama.  He examines Ephesians 3:1-13 and explains how Jesus changes the world.  

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In this sermon from our series in 1 Peter, Pastor Nathan Tubbs examines verses 1-7 of chapter 3 and what Peter says about marriage.  For more information visit

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Sermon from our one-year anniversary celebration. Presented by Pastor Nathan Tubbs. 

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